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Welcome to Aussie
Classic Rock

Here you can choose your favourite songs from yesteryear or even some of the newer so use as a ringtone on your mobile/cell phone.

This is a really simple process
but you need certain things for it to work.

You must be sure of these things as once the song has been selected for download, there is no way we can refund you.

The first things to be be sure you have a mobile/cell phone
that can play MP3 or MIDI files.
They are sometimes called Truetones, Realtones etc.
MP3 files are the actual songs you hear on radio/CD whilst
MIDI files don't have vocals, as the song is an instrumental

Your phone must be able to access the Internet so you can download the Ringtone. If your phone can't do that, please see other instructions on the Information Page. If you are not sure whether your phone can access the Internet using WAP, please consult your manual or ask a friend.
You Ready? Let's GO
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